Purchase Agreement

Basketball Suite / Loge Rental Agreement – Little Caesars Arena

Last Updated: January 5, 2021

In consideration for the right to use the Suite(s) and/or Loge(s) for the Event(s), Licensee will pay the Total Amount shown below upon execution of this Agreement. In the event of the Event being rescheduled or cancelled, the Fee will be applied as a credit towards a mutually agreed upon event. This Agreement is non-cancelable.

This "Agreement", including the Basketball Suite / Loge Rental Terms and Conditions below (together, the "Agreement"), is made by and between you, the Licensee named above and Palace Sports & Entertainment, through authorization from Olympia Entertainment Events Center, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. By signing this agreement, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions contained herein.


By agreeing to purchase a license to use the Suites and/or Loges from Detroit Pistons Basketball Company ("DPBC"), through authorization from Olympia Entertainment Events Center, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company ("Olympia") that operates the Little Caesars Arena at 2645 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan ("LCA"), Olympia (DPBC and Olympia together, with respect to rights, interests, and obligations as they may relate to Olympia's management and operation of the LCA, to be referred to as "Licensor"), Licensee (as defined below) agrees to the following terms and conditions, and represents and warrants that Licensee is authorized to agree to these terms and conditions (together with the accompanying invoice, the "Agreement") on behalf of the entity making such purchase (if not an individual):

  1. The "Licensee" shall be the person or legal business entity that is on record in Licensor's database as the registered purchaser of the license to use the Suite and/or Loge admission ticket(s). If the registered purchaser is a legal business entity, a contact person must be identified for the limited purpose of correspondence and contact.
  2. Licensor grants to Licensee, and Licensee accepts from Licensor, a license to use the Suites and/or Loges specified in the accompanying invoice in LCA for specified Event(s). Licensee shall return the Suites and/or Loges to Licensor without damage, reasonable wear and tear excepted.
  3. Licensee, Licensee's directors, officers, employees, guests, agents, representatives, and any other person entering the Suites and/or Loges at Licensee's invitation or request (collectively, "Occupants") shall not have any right to bring, shall not bring, or cause or allow to be brought, any food or beverages whatsoever, including alcoholic beverages, in the Suites and/or Loges. Any food and beverage used or acquired in the Suites and/or Loges shall be obtained from LCA. Licensee shall be solely responsible for, and shall promptly pay to DPBC, all bills for food, beverages and services furnished, sold or rendered in connection with the Licensee's own use, or the use of Occupants.
  4. Guests should carry their Suite/Loge admission tickets with them at all times.
  5. Licensee and Occupants shall at all times maintain proper decorum while using the Suites and/or Loges and shall not attach or display any signs, advertisements or notices in or around the Suite without DPBC's prior written consent.
  6. Licensor and its employees, representatives, and agents shall have the continuing right to enter the Suites and/or Loges at any and all times for (a) the performance of the duties required to be performed by Licensor hereunder, and for any and all purposes related thereto, (b) to investigate any suspected violations of the provisions of the Agreement, these Terms and Conditions, the Rules or any applicable governmental laws or orders, and (c) generally to inspect the Suite and its condition.
  7. Licensor shall not be responsible for the theft or any other loss or disappearance of any of the property of Licensee and/or Occupants.
  8. Licensee agrees to and shall indemnify, protect, defend and hold harmless DPBC, Olympia, Olympia Entertainment, Inc., Ilitch Holdings, Inc., Palace Sports & Entertainment, LLC ("PSE"), City of Detroit, the National Basketball Association ("NBA"), the National Hockey League ("NHL"), City of Detroit Downtown Development Authority and all other DPBC and Olympia affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, affiliates and representatives (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties") from and against any and all liability or claimed liability, loss, and expense for personal or bodily injuries, including death, to any and all persons whomsoever and for any and all property damage to the Suite and the contents therein, to the extent arising out of the negligent, unlawful, or intentional acts or omissions of the Licensee and/or Occupants in connection with its/their use and occupancy of the Suites and/or Loges ("Claim").

    Licensee agrees to defend the Indemnified Parties with respect to any such Claim and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Indemnified Parties with respect to all costs it incurs in investigating or defending any such claim, including actual attorney fees.

    Licensee is responsible for Licensee and its guests abiding by the Suite Rules and/or Loge Rules, attached hereto and incorporated herein and all State laws and local ordinances. Licensee shall be liable for all damage caused to the Suites and/or Loges or the equipment, furniture and other property of Licensor contained herein. Licensee shall reimburse DPBC for any destruction of or damage to the Suites and/or Loges, or to any other property in, upon or about LCA caused by Licensee and/or Occupants. An invoice for damages incurred will be sent to Licensee and Licensee agrees to pay such invoice within ten days of its receipt.

    Licensee and Occupants, or any other person(s) using the Suite or Loge hereby assume all risks and danger incidental to basketball games, and to games and events generally, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to, the actual playing of the game or conducting of the event, including specifically (but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by balls or other objects, and agree that DPBC, Olympia, PSE, the NBA, any other sports teams playing at the LCA, including opposing NBA teams, their agents and players and other individuals producing, performing or participating in games and/or events are not liable for injuries from such causes.
  9. Licensee shall not assign this Agreement or any part thereof or permit the Suites and/or Loges to be used for any purpose other than that mentioned above, without DPBC's prior written consent.
  10. No sale by Licensee and/or Occupants of any tickets or parking permits issued under this Agreement is permissible. Any sale or attempted sale of any such tickets will void the tickets and will be a material breach of Licensee's obligations hereunder.
  11. Licensee shall use and occupy the Suites and/or Loges; and shall cause Occupants to use and occupy the Suites and/or Loges, in accordance with such reasonable rules and regulations as DPBC may promulgate from time to time. Licensee is fully responsible for the actions of Occupants and their alcohol consumption; alcoholic beverages shall not be removed from LCA at the conclusion of an Event or at any time. DPBC reserves the right to refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any individuals and/or to deliver alcoholic beverages to the Suite. PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS ARE NOT PREMITTED IN THE SUITES OR LOGES UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY A SUPERVISING ADULT. IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS TO CONSUME ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.
  12. Locked refrigerators and cabinets are opened for authorized signees only, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  13. Suites and Loges may be occupied up to one hour after the event.
  14. Licensee and Occupants will not transmit or aid in transmitting any picture, video, audio or proprietary information about any Team Game and/or related activities.
  15. Licensee acknowledges that the image, likeness, voice, and/or name of Licensee and/or Occupants may be used, without compensation to Licensee and/or Occupants as applicable, (A) as part of any live or recorded video display or other transmission in any media of all or part of any event for which Licensee and Occupants use the Suite and/or Loge, (B) in any material disseminated by Olympia, DPBC or its sponsors, including all marketing, sales, or promotional materials utilized by Olympia and all other Olympia affiliates and by DPBC, PSE, and all other DPBC and PSE affiliates.
  16. Licensee and Occupants are asked to refrain from throwing any object into the audience or onto any playing surface.
  17. Violators of these Terms and Conditions may be subject to eviction from the arena and/or prosecution.
  18. The Agreement has been executed in and shall be governed, construed and interpreted in all respects in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan. Licensee hereby irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of any State or Federal court sitting in Detroit, Michigan, over any suit, action or proceeding arising out of this Agreement. Licensee waives trial by jury.
  19. This Agreement is subject to the Constitution and By-Laws and all rules, regulations and agreements of the NBA and its affiliated entities as they presently exist or as they may, from time to time, be entered into, amended or adopted.